"Sleek and sophisticated"                 
                                                                                                   CITY MAGAZINE
 "David Wynne is one of those artists to whom other musicians flock when
they feel the need to hear music they can sink their teeth into. Other
musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Alexis Weissenberg, the Houston
Symphony Chamber Players, the Manhattan Transfer and Flora Purim.     
    David's pianism is a concise, seamlessly constructed musical
exposition; ideas are developed much like Brahms reworked certain
themes, with a nod to Bach while composing in a contemporary and
personal idiom. And while the cerebral nature of David's music is
stimulating, if not downright intellectually provocative, the sensual
experience is mesmerizing. Amazingly, for music that is not "classical" in
the most pedantic sense, David achieves his ends without the familiar
improvisational crutch of over-pedaling and with a very sophisticated left
hand that does a great deal more than whip up deep throated chord
 David perceives art as most highly effective when the experience is both
humanist in content and metaphysical by nature. Unlike other aesthetes,
however, who would starve the physical to achieve the metaphysical,
David believes in comforting the senses to unleash the spirit. Put yourself
in David's very capable hands-he'll take good care of you."

                                                                         Reuvin Proctor, New Orleans Art, New Orleans Music
 "Speaking of princes and princesses, Ella Fitzgerald's pianist David
Wynne performing for Prince Charles. The Frick Museum. July 17."
 Cindy Adams, New York Post
 "ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and
Publishers has invited 15 composers to attend this year's 20th
reps work with emerging artists in all genres of music and can let film
makers know which acts are the latest, hottest rage. Composers
attending: Andy Brick, Russell Curry, Deniz Hughes, Ken Lample,
Sheldon Mirotiz, Corinne Nordman, Mikel Rouse, David Shapiro, Rich
Tozolli, Stewart Wallace, David Wynne and Brane Zivcovic."
Jim Steinblatt, ASCAP Press Release
 "New York-based David Wynne plays powerful, compelling music
much praised by giants such as Ella Fitzgerald and Alexis
 Wynne, whose club David's Gallery helped create Houston's
after-sundown identity, will open with a solo piano concert Thursday
night. Saturday night's show will highlight Wynne performing in a quartet
with a vocalist.
This is the first Houston public appearance by the Louisiana-born
Wynne since he left the Bayou City in 1985. Since then, he's bad
extended stays in New Orleans, Los Angeles and now New York.
 His original music has been in demand for private parties by such
luminaries as Robin Williams, Erte, and Ted Turner. Wynne also
appeared playing a syncopated "Greensleeves" in 'The Couch Trip.'
 Termed 'too far out' by the people at Windham Hill, Wynne draws on
such diverse influences as the human pulse and Lisztian
transcendentalism. While his left hand lays a provocative, perplexing
bass line, his right evokes colors hinted at by Debussy. The two
together make musical alchemy."

  Robert Dante, Houston Press
   "Wynne is popular for his free improvisational style which has
classical and jazz overtones."        

                  Jason Richards, The Gambit        
"If this doesn't make you feel urban, nothing will."
                                Texas Monthly

 It's hard to find the right music to accompany a scene, but we have
found a few pieces of music well suited to creating good scenes: Top of
the list is an hour-long CD by New York pianist/composer David Wynne,
whose 'New York Sessions' spotlights Wynne's unique classical
approach to non-objective, cyclic music, reminding one listener of
Robert Schumann on acid. Wynne's music communicates a subjective
experience of reality so compelling in its minimalist melodic line that it
becomes the listener's experience very easily, from the first note of its
eight songs.
 This is bondage music - intense, self absorbed, sensual, narcissistic
without denying the emotional abysses which glitter just under the
surface on one's ego. It is glacial, humid, raunchy in its raw sexuality,
beautifully cruel, aloof music. The perfect music to accompany a scene,
or a meditation in itself. The CD is dedicated to Ella Fitzgerald and
features Cyro Baptista on percussion and Pat Kelly on drums. Laissez
les bon temps roulez!"

Robert Dante, Boudoir Noir
"David's Gallery looked like the living room of a very rich friend."

  Bill Minutaglio, Houston Chronicle